Natasha's family's curtain in the special look of 'Black Widow', will be released in India before America

Black Widow
Black Widow

Black Widow

After 'Avengers Endgame' a video of the special look of Marvel's much-awaited superhero film 'Black Widow' has been launched. This video has been shared by India Marvel on its YouTube channel. In 'Black Widow', the untouched aspects of Agent Natasha's life will be seen in detail for the first time. The video surfaced shows Natasha's family facing enemies together.

At the beginning of the special look video, Natasha is shown coming back to her house where she meets her sister. Natasha's sister asks why she has come here after so long. To which Natasha says that she is running away. A special squad soldiers appear behind Natasha. Natasha's sister is also a trained killer whose abilities appear to be similar to those of Natasha.

In the video, Natasha's entire family comes out one by one. The purpose of this is to fulfill an old mission. In this video, the new world of 'Widows' is also seen, which Natasha describes as her new enemy. In this video, Natasha has a special dialogue in which she says that she will no longer run away from her past. In this film, Natasha is confronted by a powerful enemy who uses the shield to give a tough fight to Natasha.

The video appears to have an action topper status. The way Natasha looks at executing the fighting sequence with her family with bike and helicopter stunts does justice to the level of the 'Avengers' series. The film is being released in India on April 30, a day before the US in a total of six languages ​​including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. After 'Avengers Endgame' this is another Marvel superhero film for which audiences are eagerly waiting.

Black Widow Trailer: Marvel's Black Widow Has Arrived

Black Widow Trailer Marvel has given a variety of surprise to its fans. A release date has also been given. In such a situation, fans of Marvel will be eagerly waiting for May.

Black Widow Trailer: Marvel movie fans are present all over the world. In such a situation, Marvel's films are coming one after the other. Now it's the turn of 'Black Widow'. The trailer of this new film from the Marvel franchise has been released. This trailer is just two minutes, but it is going viral on the internet as soon as it is released. The trailer has received over 5 lakh views in a few hours.

The trailer was also shared with the official Twitter account of Marvel Studios. The caption accompanying the trailer was written, 'I am running away from my past time. Watch the Marvel Studios' Black Widow trailer. The film will hit theaters on May 1, 2020. The release date has also been given in this tweet. In such a situation, fans of Marvel will be eagerly waiting for May.

The trailer begins with Natasha Romanoff's family. Where she is working as a Russian detective. The entry of 'Black Widow' sister has also been made in this trailer. Scarlett Johansson is seen in the lead role in this trailer. The trailer was expected to arrive in the first week of December. In such a situation, Marvel has given a surprise to its fans.

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Emotional dialogues are also given in this trailer. In it, Black Widow says, 'I had nothing. Then I got this job, this is family. But nothing lasts forever. ' In this, Black Widow is shown as an agent. Apart from this, a tremendous dose of action is also given in the trailer. It will see heavy blasts, guns, and smoke. At the same time, a glimpse of the Villain 'Task Master' can thrill fans. According to media reports, the film will be released in India on April 30.
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