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What is JIO Giga fiber

Friends, you are also among those who are waiting for Jio Gth fiber besides Jio Dth. Very good news for you has been announced in India and we will also tell you when you will get it, there is also a blast with it, I had become fond of listening to it, you have a plan in the Giga fiber of Jio If you take that friend for 1 year then you will also get an HD 4K TV.
Friends, a lot of things have been announced here, I will tell you all the things about him and stay with me. Before this, tell you that the minimum speed it will get is 100 Mbps, the maximum speed that you will get is up to 1GB, then talk to the outside country then you get 90 Mbps speed. You are going to get internet speed fast from outside the country. After this, we will talk about France, if you want Internet speed Mbps, then you have to pay so much money in one month. Apart from this, there is also a plan of 10000 rupees, you can take whatever you want to take. According to that, you will have to split up, I mean that you are getting internet very cheap.

If you take Jio DTH, then Jio TV will not have to be recharged separately. Otherwise, you will not have to pay for any channel. Many things will be seen here, in which you will get a video call in a group. Speed ​​is much faster in this, so you will be able to talk in a video call with four or five or five people. You will not have to pay any separate charge for making that video call, as long as your Jio Fiber plan is there, no separate charge will be deducted. In this, you will get to see a USB camera through which you can make video calls.

Jio DTH Release Date

How long will you talk about this Jio DTH, Jio DTH will be launched in India on September 5, 2019. You can start Jio DTH by taking this packet.

What is available in the live setup box

A USB port is given on the left side of the Jio, 1 logo of Jio will be found on the right side, now let's see what is found behind the setup box.
All the ordinary items will be found on the back of the setup box, like Dth all you will get. You will get an sdm point, you have been given rj45 port in it, you can do everything by connecting the internet, you can know everything by reading the user manual in the box. After that you will get a Jio remote, after that you will get an Adapter in the box, it will be connected to the setup box for Power, with this you will also get an Sdm wire. After this, you will find the Ordinary wires and everything in the setup box. Which is a special thing in it, you can see the movie by using Pendrive in it? 
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