Weight Loss Tips This Type of Fasting Between Meals Will Give a Slim and Attractive Figure

How to Lose Weight
How to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips: According to new research, this type of fasting can help for fast weight loss, in which long fasting is done after two hours of eating.
On gaining weight, many women become so confused about their looks that they start dieting randomly. There is no need to worry so much because you can lose weight in the same way as you gain weight. But it requires constant effort. But for this, you will need to follow the weight lodge regime.

Reduce weight rapidly with this type of fasting

Nowadays there are many types of diet to get a slim figure, such as GM diet, Keto diet, Vegan diet, etc. But do you know that if you take a few hour's gap and take a diet, then you can reduce your increased weight very fast? According to this new research, if women keep diet and meal timings according to the natural flow of the body, then the access fat of the body burns fast and there is no craving for fast food.

Between 8 and 2 in the morning, there were only 6 hours of food.

In a study published in the Obesity Journal, researchers gave diet to 11 overweight women and men between 20 and 45 years of age at 2 different intervals and track changes in their body. The members included in a plan had to take only food between 8 am and 2 pm i.e. only for 6 hours and fasting in the subsequent time. This time was chosen because the body gets food in both morning and afternoon and it also matches the body clock of the body.

In the second meal plan, a three-time meal was kept

Members of the second group were served food at 8 am, 1 pm during the day and 8 pm at night according to the traditional timings of the meal. All the members of this group were asked to adopt this meal plan for 1 month. But the special thing is that the quantity of food given to the members of both groups was kept equal. After this, the blood tests, urine tests, etc. of these members were done and it was seen that there was a change in their metabolism (the process of converting food into energy).

Decreased appetite and hormone levels due to fasting

Researchers found in their tests that while fasting, members' appetite decreased and their body's hormones also decreased. In view of the fixed time of eating food with it, a rapid weight loss was observed in 24 hours. According to the co-author of this study and Professor Peterson of the University of Alabama, 'Burning calories was a surprise for researchers because the research team was investigating that those who adopt Intermittent Fasting means regular interval fasting. Are, how they lose weight.

Hunger decreases but muscle mass does not decrease

Researcher Peterson said, 'Intermittent fasting reduces body weight but does not reduce muscle mass. More research needs to be done about this to know how fasting affects muscle mass. ' However, craving can be effectively prevented by such fasting. Women who keep fast regularly and who do not have health issues can benefit from this type of fasting in weight loss.

Such fasting is not good for every woman

Not all people have the same body. Regular intervals of fasting are suitable for a woman, so it can cause problems. If you have problems with this type of fasting, do not follow it. Women suffering from health problems such as eating disorders, heart or diabetes should avoid fasting for 14 to 18 hours or else it may harm their health.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then adopt a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to workouts as well. Involve in physical activity, in daily household tasks such as cleaning, washing clothes, mopping, etc., there is a lot of exercise. In addition, you can lose weight in a healthy way by walking and jumping rope in the morning and evening. If you like to read about weight loss then keep visiting to get regular updates TechnicalShuvajit
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