[Best] Gym Diet Chart For Building Muscles in 2019

Gym Diet Chart
Gym Diet Chart

What to eat before the gym? Gym diet chart

Gym Diet Chart: Nutrition before the gym is the best way to maintain energy during any type of workout. It increases your performance, reduces your chances of muscle injury, and accelerates muscle problem recovery.
If you feel a sharp pain in your stomach while you are out, you start breathing quickly, or you have experienced muscle soreness the next morning - consider what you are eating (or eating at all!) Before a workout. It is necessary to pay attention to it.
Today we are going to tell you what to eat before a workout will be necessary and beneficial for you.

Nutrients needed to eat before the gym

The main macro carbs used by your body are fat and protein. Apart from unhealthy carbs and fat, all are useful to you.
Fat: Not all types of fat are unhealthy. You need healthy fats to speed up your body functions and maintain cell integrity and skin texture.
Fat is the main source of fuel when you exercise for a long time in the gym. Tolerant athletes burn more fat, and furthermore, when you push yourself to do another set of lunges/push-ups, you're actually trying to recruit carbs (or glucose) as a source of fuel. Start burning fat instead.
Carbs: Carbs are used when you do high intensity and short time workouts. The first sources of fuel in your body are carbs in the form of glucose.
Glucose is stored through the blood as glycogen to the muscles and liver. Glycogen breaks down into glucose whenever the body needs fuel. When you do not consume good carbs, your muscles or liver will not have enough glycogen to convert to glucose.
And so, you will start feeling weak and tired quickly. Therefore, consuming carbs for nutrition before exercise is essential.
Proteins: Proteins help to heal muscles and prevent muscle injury. Therefore, when you consume protein as part of the nutrition before your workout, you recover faster and will become toned.
Protein synthesis is upregulated by the consumption of carbs and fat. Deleted levels of either of these can often impede protein synthesis.
In addition, when you consume protein before exercise, muscle strength increases.

How much nutrition is necessary before the gym?

Whether it is a tolerable exercise or a high-intensity exercise, you need to maintain the number of carbs, protein, and fat you consume for optimal functioning of your bones, muscles, and brain.
You need carbs for this, and fat to boost muscle strength and protein to heal them.
But you must maintain a percentage or balanced amount of each macronutrient. Scientists have found that 30% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein, and 20% distributed in the remaining three macros, depending on the type of exercise (endurance or high intensity), can help improve exercise performance.

What to eat before the gym? (before gym diet)

  • Eat a diet containing all macro (carbs, fat, and protein) 2-3 hours before a workout.
  • You can consume carb-rich and protein-rich food within 2 hours from the workout.
  • Any fruit or yogurt 45-60 minutes before the workout.
  • The less time you have left in your workout, the more simple food you should take.
  • You can take any carbs and protein-rich beverages found in the market 30 minutes before a workout.
Let us now tell you about some diet.

If 1 hour or less is left in the gym

  • 1 banana / orange / apple
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt and peaches
  • Black Coffee and Multigrain Biscuits

If you have 2 hours to do the gym

  • Oatmeal by adding banana or apple pieces and papaya in a medium-sized bowl
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower/almond butter and a piece of bread
  • Protein Powder with Milk and Berry

If you have 2-3 hours left in the gym

  • Grilled rice with lean protein, cauliflower rice, and roasted nuts
  • Mushroom Soup with Vegetables
  • A wheat flatbread, chickpea curry, and chopped/boiled vegetables

What to eat before the gym

1. eat eggs before the gym

Egg white omelets contain high amounts of protein and low levels of cholesterol and calories.
Before your workout, add some onions, tomatoes, and capsicum for protein and good carb-rich food. You can eat it within two-three hours or within one-two hours.

2. Banana Before Gym

Bananas are a great way to fuel your energy reserves if you have missed two to three hours or before a workout.
They are rich in good carbs and potassium, have low-calorie intake and promote quick energy. However, avoid eating bananas before working.

3. Protein shake before gym

If you do not have time to take a high protein-rich diet then you can make a protein shake. Add milk, bananas, berries, avocados, and nuts to make choices 2-3 hours before a workout. But if 1 hour is left, then only add milk and a handful of nuts.

4. Greek yogurt and fruits before the gym

A quick pre-workout meal is a Greek yogurt and fruit. This can be taken one hour before starting your workout.
All you have to do is add some berries /peaches/berries/oranges/apples/ bananas and some dried fruits along with yogurt. Mix well and consume it.

5. Oatmeal and Berry

It is a meal replacement. If you do not have chicken or vegetables in your kitchen and other lean protein sources are not available, then just take a bowl of oatmeal and berries. You can take it within two to three hours.

6. Smoothie

Smoothie is a great way to get ready for high intensity or high endurance exercise. It is also a meal replacement option, and you can take it within two to three hours of exercising.
Or if you have only one hour, don't take a heavy smoothie. You can make a quick smoothie by mixing bananas, milk, berries, black cocoa or spinach, avocado, and coconut water.

7. Flour Bread, Avocado and Ricotta Cheese

Take it 2-3 hours before you start your workout. Flour bread is a good source of carbs, avocado contains healthy fat and ricotta cheese is a source of protein.
You can also make wheat bread, almond butter, banana slices, and some melon seeds.

Gym Diet Chart
Gym Diet Chart

8. Brown Rice / Boiled Sweet Potato and Lean Protein

Take it 2-3 hours before your workout. Brown rice is a low GI grain and is loaded with dietary fiber.
Always consume boiled sweet potato as compared to baked or grilled sweet potato because it contains less GI and is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Lean proteins such as tofu, mushrooms, fish, and chicken breast help your muscles recover as quickly as possible and prevent muscle injury.

9. Homemade low-protein protein bars

Do not use low-calorie protein bars found in the market because it contains a lot of sugar. But if you have a habit of taking protein bars before a workout, then make it at home.
You can make protein bars with less sugar by adding muesli, oats, nuts, seeds, honey, almond butter, milk, and coconut flour. Mix them, and bake or freeze them.

10. Steamed / Grilled Vegetables or Chicken

If you are trying to lose weight then this is the proper diet for you.
Boiled or grilled skinless chicken breast is a good source of lean protein, and vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
You only need to add a good source of fat such as avocado, nuts, or olive oil. Drink it 2-3 hours before starting a workout.

Supplement before gym

1. Caffeine

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and pre-workout supplements are the main sources of caffeine. After 15-60 minutes after taking it, its effect will start showing.

2. Creatinine

Creatinine helps improve muscle strength, strength, and endurance. And it works by generating more energy molecules (ATP) in your body.
You can take 2-5 grams of creatine monohydrate per day. However, consult your trainer/dietician before taking it as high doses can be fatal.

3. Amino acids

It addresses three amino acids, including lysine, isoleucine, and valine. Taking it before a workout prevents muscle damage.

4. Beta-Alanine

This supplement helps in both high intensity and endurance exercises. It helps reduce muscle weakness and pain and allows for improved performance.

5. Water for the gym

Additionally, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated during the workout.
You should drink 1-2 liters of water 3-4 hours before a workout or 8 ounces of water before 15 minutes.
Dehydration can have a bad effect on your routine, so try to drink the right amount of water. 
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