Action Movie Review: Vishal and Tamannaah Bhatia will get tremendous action this movie


Action Movie Review

Action Movie Review: Subhash is working on his two missions in the story. First, he shows patriotism by killing the terrorists who attacked the country and secondly he also wants to avenge the killing of his fiancée and elder brother.

Action Tamil movie review, Vishal, Tamannaah Bhatia, Aishwarya Lekshmi: South Indian film 'Action' has been released today (15 November) on Friday. Reactions have started coming on the social media of the viewers who watched the film. All the viewers on Twitter are praising a thriller film. The manner in which the Telugu film action based on the Indian Army has impressed the audience shows that it will last longer at the box office. The film is full of quick stunts. Viewers are not only liking the action of the star in this film, but its location is also impressing people, which everyone is surprised to see. The film has been shot in locations such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, London, and Lahore.

Director: Sundar C
Actors: Vishal, Tamannaah Bhatia, Aishwarya Lakshmi
Critic Rating: 3

The first location in the film is seen in Istanbul. In the beginning, the actor 'Vishal' is seen doing dangerous stunts in the 'Sundar C' film. The story begins with the dialogue 'Unmayi their anagram km Randhawa Unna their ara kilometer vara Montana?' The film stars Vishal Col Subhash, star of South Cinema. In the story, the colonels are seen tracking down the people who carried out a terrorist attack. In this attack Colonel Subhash also loses his fiancée ie Aishwarya Lakshmi and elder brother i.e. Ramki.

In the film, Tamannaah Bhatia assists Colonel Subhash in the role of Diya. She also gives her tremendous performance in the role of an army officer. In the story, Subhash is working on his two missions. First, he shows his patriotism by killing the terrorist attackers in the country and secondly he also wants to avenge the killing of his fiancée and elder brother. Such stunts you saw in the story of Fast and Furious. On the other hand, in the story of the film, in addition to the action, emotional scenes are also seen.
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