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9xrockers - Malayalam Movies Download 2019

9xRockers: 9xrockers cannot be forgotten whenever it comes to downloading movies from the Internet, as it is quite popular for movie downloading like Tamilrockers from which Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil Hindi Dubbed Movies are downloaded. Huh. In this post, we are talking about 9x Rockers only. Read the post in full so that you have 9xrockers and how to download a movie from it? To be well aware of.
The Internet is considered the best source of entertainment, and we all use the internet for timepass, research, knowledge.

People like to download free movies from the internet for entertainment, maybe you have also downloaded some movie from the internet at some time.

In this modern era, there is hardly anyone who does not have a computer or smartphone and does not watch online videos, movies, YouTube on the Internet.

It was not a few years before that because Internet data was very expensive at that time, but after the arrival of Jio, internet data became cheaper and it became easier to watch movies online.

There are many pirated websites like 9xrockers for watching online movies as well as downloading free movies on the internet.

Which provides free movie downloading service. Moviemakers lose crores due to these. However, the government also prohibits them.

Their domain name, URL are blocked by the government but still, these people start their work by creating a new site with a new domain URL.

Now let us know in detail about 9xrockers.

What is 9xRockers?

9xrockers.com is a piracy website that leaks the latest movies before release and makes them available for online free download on its site.
Meaning that it is a torrent website providing free movies download service in which pirated movies are uploaded for free download.
Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Hindi Movies Free Download can be done from the 9xrockers com website.
Apart from all this, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Tollywood Movies, and Pakistani Movies will also be available for download on this website.
The print and quality of all the films available on this site will also be good. Users can select the movie format of their choice.
Talking about movie quality, Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, MP4 420p, 320p MVK and 300mb movies are available to download.
Apart from English, Hindi dubbed movies, you can also download TV Shows and Web series from this website, Online Stream service is also available.
Talking about TV Serials, 9xrockers recently leaked "Sacred Game Season 2" online.
For users who like to watch Bollywood, Hollywood movies, this is a work website because from this you can also download Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies.
9xRockers - Download Latest Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam Movies, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Full HD Movies for Free!

Downloading 9xrockers movies is very easy, for this, just go to the 9xrockers website and choose your favorite movie and click on the download link.
But the problem is that under Indian law piracy is illegal and their websites are banned by the government.
In such a situation the 9xrockers team starts their work again by creating a new site with a new domain. In order to avoid governmental action, these people buy strange domains.
9xrockers also used to work in domains like 9xrockers.com, 9xrockers.net in 2017, but now in 2019 most of its domains have been blocked by the government.

How to download movies from 9xrockers?

There is no long process to download a movie from the 9xrockers site, all you have to do is go to its website and choose your favorite movie.
After that, you can choose the movie quality and click on the download link and download the movie. Let me tell you step by step.

To download the movie from 9xrockers follow the following step.

  • First of all, you have to know its working domain and open the site.
  • After that search for the movie you want to download.
  • After selecting your favorite movie, select movie quality.
  • Now you will have 2 options. There will be an option of the online watch and another download.
  • If you want to download a movie, then you click on the direct download link.
  • In this way, you can download 9xrockers movies free very easily. This is very easy but the biggest problem is to find a new working URL of pirated sites.
Another major problem is that many third-party ads are installed on movie downloading websites and many ad steps have to be followed to reach the download link.

As I mentioned above, privacy is illegal and the government blocks their domains. So it is difficult to find their new link.
But you can find its new link on social media Facebook Twitter with # 9xrockers hashtag.
In the present time, its https://9xrockers.net/ domain is working, you can download 9xrockers movies from it.
The rest of the other domains are as follows.

Full list of 9xrockers Domains 2019

If you are unable to open the link given above, try the domains mentioned below. Either of these domains will definitely work.

9xRockers All URLs List

9xrockers.com 9xrockers.net
9xrockers.in 9xrockers.org
9xrockers.to 9xrockers.vip
9xrockers.me 9xrockers.
9xrockers.site 9xrockers.world
9xrockers.biz 9xrockers.viz
9xrockers.trade 9xrockers.icu
9xrockers.site 9xrockers.io
9xrockers net 9xrockers com
9xrockers Tamil 9xrockers Malayalam

The government has blocked most of these domains. The remaining 2 are still working. You can check them out.

9xrockers Telegram Channel - Download HD Films

If you do not know about its new domain even with the help of social media, then you can also download 9xrockers movies from its Telegram channel.
9xrockers is also available on telegram along with its movies series like the rest of the pirated website.
All the movies that are available on its site will be found on its telegram channel. You can download HD movies on your phone without accessing the site.

Other than 9xrockers what are movies download websites?

9xrockers is not the only website that offers free movies downloading service, in addition, there are many more piracy torrent sites.
All these websites provide free download and online viewing service by leaks new release movies. But as I have already mentioned, piracy in India is Illegal.
This means that all websites are illegal. Downloading or uploading movies from these is a crime and in doing so the police can take action. Police can also arrest many such people.

Why not download a movie from Pirated Websites?

Actually, these pirated sites leak the latest release movies online before release. With the help of these sites, the audience does not go to the movie cinema and watch online on the internet sitting at home.
Which causes a huge loss of movie makers. That is why the government has declared this work illegal and there is a provision for strict action against those who do so.
The second big reason is that all these pirated websites have third-party advertisements. When a user comes to their website and clicks on a link, then viruses get into their system.
This leads to the theft of users' data. Meaning if you use this site then malware virus will come in your device system and your private data will become public.
That is why we would never advise you to download movies from www 9xrockers net or other pirated websites. You should not download movies from them.


In this article, we have learned what is 9xrockers, how to download 9xrockers movies and go through details about it. Hopefully, you have learned everything about it now.

And you must have also understood how dangerous it is to download a movie from these websites. That is why we advise you to avoid downloading movies from them.
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